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Welcome to Evova Technology

About Us

Evova Technology creates communication and control software for the process and weighing industries. The VisualLink RAD Toolkit is the flagship product but the continuing development of this application leads to the creation of controls and software which we feel would benefit the VB Internet community.

You can also find the popular ResizeXtra ActiveX control suite for VB6. Put an end to writing resizing code for your forms.

On this site you will also find Visual Basic ActiveX controls, utility applications and any other items we feel will be of interest.


All purchased controls will include lifetime support, we will never charge for bug fixes or upgrades!

Customer queries and problems are dealt with swiftly and control changes and fixes are introduced usually within 48 hours.

Our aim is to continue to add new low cost ActiveX controls for Visual Basic 6.0 as there are still a lot of developers who have not made the move to .Net and we also feel that Visual Basic 6.0 still has a valid place in the market and will do for quite some time to come.

Most of the ActiveX controls will be based on the shareware/freeware model where a limited set of functionality is available as freeware but purchasing a licence will unlock the full potential of the control.

Evova will aim to offer a wider range of software products and services which will include a custom control service for VB6 and .NET controls.



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·The successful ResizeXtra control for VB6 which allows intelligent resizing is now available from this site.
This control saves a lot of time when developing resizable applications.

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Hardware Design
If you need custom designed hardware including embedded solutions we recommend Inisys Technology for an excellent customer service and a cost effective quotation.
Inisys Technology